Scarred – Anne Rice

nullOne of the most influential names in modern horror fiction, Anne Rice reinvented Gothic fiction for the latter half of the 20th Century and beyond. While she’s best known for her Vampire Chronicles, it’s another horror icon that instilled in her a fascination with the macabre, as you’ll see below.

What first frightened me and frightened me terrible was a cheap B movie about “the Mummy.” It showed the bandaged figure of the mummy staggering relentlessly towards his victims, with one hand out, dragging one foot as he bore down on them; and it terrified me so badly that I never quite recovered; it was an image of death, of mortality — in action. In other words, I saw death coming for us in this moving image. — The last scene in the film, where the mummy staggers into the swamp carrying his beloved, who slowly changes from a vital woman into a twisted dried up corpse herself put me over the edge. I had nightmares and as I said never recovered. This was an iconic lesson in mortality delivered with a power that written words did not have. I have spent my life responding to the images in that film.

I couldn’t let this one go without wishing Ms. Rice a very happy birthday!

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