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Josh Simmons is the cartoonist responsible for the critically-acclaimed wordless horror graphic novel House, available from Fantagraphics. His next projects include Jessica Farm, also published by Fantagraphics, and Night of the Jibblers for the Kramers Ergot 7 anthology. He is also the first, and probably last, person to use the term ‘nuggs’ in this blog, and for that I will be forever grateful.

When I was about 15 I went to see Candyman in the theater with zero expectations, fully expecting it to be a ho hum, halfway decent waste of time. I’d started getting disillusioned with a lot of the books/movies/comics I had enjoyed up to that point, gettin a lot pickier in what I enjoyed. But from the very start of the film, with the screen completely filled end to end with bees, and the deep intonation of Mr. Candyman’s shpiel, I was seriously unnerved and sucked into the flick. And the rest of it did not disappoint; I recall really brutal violence hinted at or barely off screen; people getting ripped from genitals to throat, a little boy’s pecker chopped off and tossed in a toilet. This was probably one of the last times that a movie really scared my nuts off. However, I haven’t seen it in years, the present me may well consider Candyman silly garbage.

I must have been 17 when I was home alone one night and decided to watch Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. I also had a mass load of marijuana, and so ripped nuggs before and throughout the film. I knew next to nothing about David Lynch at that point and had never
seen one of his films before. From the start I was sucked in and intrigued by the movie, but shortly into the flick was the scene that put serious chills up my spine. Laura Palmer is in a psychiatrist’s office and is crying and freaking the fuck out; She grabs his head and pulls his face real close, spitting out with slow, feverish intensity: “Fire.” “Walk.” “With.” and then for the “Me.” suddenly for a split second she has blue skin and orange teeth and virtually growls/roars the word. I jumped out of my skin over this scene, and then was afraid to walk around anywhere else in the darkened house for the rest of the night. The remainder of the movie’s surreal fever dream bad trip vibe seriously sold my ass on Lynch’s movies from then on.

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