Top Ten – David Z.

Proprietor of the wonderful Tomb It May Concern, David Z. is one of the world’s foremost authorities on matters concerning Christina Lindberg, Yor, the Pastapocalypse and other equally compelling topics. He’s also the only individual other than Satan to have a Horror Roundtable devoted to him. If you like what you see, please consider purchasing Tough To Kill, the definitive guide to 80’s Italian action movies written by David Z. and Paul Cooke.

House By The Cemetery – THE European horror film of the 80s and, for me, the best entry in the Lucio Fulci filmography. The perfect balance of Gothic Ghoulishness and Psychotic Splatsploitation….every trip through the basement of Freudstein is pure horror bliss.

Day of the Dead – While the first two entries in the Dead series get the love, I find Day to be the most interesting and scariest. Trapped and surrounded by a bunch of hungry monsters, a few survivors dream of creating their own little place in the world. And then there are zombies to contend with as well! Big Bonus…who doesn’t just love BUB?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – This could be the only dinner I’d dread more than eating creme de foie gras again.

Lips of Blood – I love Jean Rollin films, and this one is his most satisfying horror film. The mixture of the protagonist seeking lost memories from his youth and the bizarre turns his quest takes as he frees a batch of vampires is wonderfully surreal and frightening.

Erotic Rites of Frankenstein – Jess Franco pays tribute to and plays with the conventions of monster rallies in this bizarre film. Sadly the versions presented on DVD are the covered/censored prints, though you can see the sequences in lesser quality in the supplements sections. The silver skin of the Monster-a crazed whipping machine in this film-is great, but Howard Vernon as Cagliostro and Anne Libert as Melisa the Bird Woman will forever remain in my memory. Have a really high fever and want to see something amazing, grab this and enjoy.

Devil’s Nightmare – Erika Blanc stars in her best role in a wacked out tale of nazis, succubi, sinners that sin seven ways and a priest with a mission. The ambiance is sleazy, the horror is trippy and the ending is twisted. Leave it to this one to have a zany confrontation with SATAN no less. Maybe it is just me, but this knocked Black Sunday off the list-it is just that good.

Deadline – This 1981 film directed by Mario Azzopardi seems easy to dismiss when you first start watching it. A horror film screenwriter wants to move away from his genre fame, but keeps getting sucked back in to the business…blah blah. The gore sequences from his films are fantastic, and keeps you watching. Then he gets a little more hypocritical and begins to not only hate his horror work, but becomes haunted by it. When his children are involved in a tragedy that may or may not be inspired by dear old dad-all hell breaks loose. Azzopardi has directed tons of TV shows, I wish he could be involved in looking back at this great film someday.

The Thing – Howard Hawks’ original film scared the crap out of me as a kid because yes… the killer carrot ruled. But John Carpenter slammed my face into the wall the first time I saw this one and it never gets (c)old. A perfect blend of horror, thriller and a little bit of humor to entertain me forever.

Return of the Blind Dead – The second in Amando de Ossorio’s quadrilogy of zombie terror, this one is my favorite Visually Impaired Templar films. What it loses in ambience from the first film, it makes up for with action set pieces of the Templars running amok. I love the Blind Dead…badasses beyond the grave, they come back meaner than when they died!

Vampyres – THE best lesbian vampire film ever shot, it is like a ghost story mixed with a vampire tale and stirred by a stiff but soft porn swizzle stick. Anulka and Marianne Morris look great and director Jose Larraz takes all of his elements and plays each to the hilt. Gory, haunting and one of the headiest horror cocktails you could devour this Halloween season.

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    That’s good! Day of the Dead and Devil’s Nightmare are very good horrormovies. I like your favorite lists ;-)

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    I love The Horror Blog! Thanks for that.

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    Awesome post. Huge horror fan. Check this one out if you have time.

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