If We Were To Call For Help…

My youngest brother Gary, a professional illustrator, has been living in Osaka with his wife and her family for the past few years. In an effort to give back to his adopted home he has decided to offer a free sketch to anyone who donates $10 to the Red Cross. You can find more information on Gary’s blog and on Facebook. If you’re interested in taking him up on his offer, may I suggest something from the 80’s, like Gremlins, Critters, or Inhumanoids, or a creature with a cryptozoological bent? If someone were to ask for Mothman, Gary would lose his shit.

Inspired by his generosity, I have decided to join him in offering the same deal. While I can’t promise the quality of a sketch by Gary, if you have enjoyed any of the original artwork found on this blog I would be happy to draw up a subject of your choice provided a $10 donation is made to the Red Cross. Here’s how it’ll work.

1) Write me with your request at steven@thehorrorblog.com.
2) After I approve your request, make a donation to the Red Cross for $10.
3) Show me proof of your donation and I will get started on your sketch.
4) When I’m finished I’ll send the artwork your way.

A few things to keep in mind. Please keep it simple, preferably one character with no background. Scroll through the last few posts of the blog to see what you should expect. The drawing will most likely be black ink on half a sheet of regular printer paper, though I might crack out the watercolours like I did for the Mothra doodle above if I’m feeling up to it. If you want something specific, please be specific. It would be a shame if you just said ‘Dracula’ and got Lugosi when you really wanted Lee. The subject doesn’t necessarily have to be horror-related. I would also be happy to part with most any of the drawings already on the site, provided I haven’t already burned them in disgust.

I will send a digital copy of the sketch upon completion, and if requested I can send the original drawing in the mail, though be warned it will be sent as a regular letter and I cannot be held responsible if it ends up lost or damaged. As I will be working on these in my spare time, I can’t guarantee how quickly I’ll be getting them out, though I’m hoping Gary and I can get together for a couple of marathon sessions, if needed. And please refrain from using any artwork you receive for commercial purposes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at the address above or leave a comment below. Thanks for your support!

3 Responses to “If We Were To Call For Help…”

  1. vincent stark Says:

    I wonder if the artist would be available to sketch a cover for a horror eBook?

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